A Mikaela Debut

Finally, I got an opportunity to wear my new pointy toe T-strap ballet flats by Mikaela. I got them on YOOX.COM and they were an incredible deal. I’m really fond of this brand. Mikaela specializes in casual shoes that have a very distinct charm – the type that makes the no fuss, put on in a hurry type of shoes a real pleasure to wear. Comfort is one of the things that makes Mikaela shoes very attractive, but style is not sacrificed, not at all.

I think that you will agree when you see these:

Mikaela Mikaela1

Tights: “Granada” by the Spanish brand Cecilia de Rafael.

I especially love that the T-strap is black and white. It makes a real difference visually.

Here are some shoes that I like from Mikaela‘s website:

MikaelaFW14 MikaelaFW14a MikaelaSS14MikaelaSS14a

Mikaela shoes are sold in stores and online, but only within the European Union. They do have representation in North America, but I was not able to get information on where the shoes can be bought. So, as it is often the case, YOOX.COM is the place to look for them.

UPDATE: It seems like Mikaela the brand is no longer  producing any shoes. They have a sister brand, Ángel Alarcón, that specializes in evening and bridal shoes. Too bad, I liked the Mikaela brand very much. It was a great example of affordable elegance in everyday wear.


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