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This post, a third in our current sneakers series, is about sneakers that look like they are straight out of a sci-fi movie. High-tech sneakers, in short. All have been designed with the help of the latest advances in footwear technology.


This sneaker is by Callaghan. It’s a man’s model, but I thought that it was so cool that I decided to include it anyway. The designers themselves call it a “shoe of the future”.  Instead of the heel, it has a U-shaped shock absorber, open to the air. And not even one, but two! When the first shock absorber has exhausted its possibilities during the walking action, the second one kicks in. The sole is designed according to Callaghan‘s Adaptaction technology. It adapts to the foot during walking by responding to the widening of the front of the foot, providing more stability.

Technology aside, I find this sneaker’s minimalist design extremely sleek and good-looking. What I don’t know yet is whether Callaghan delivers to North America. Still waiting to hear from the company, so stay tuned, if you are interested in buying it for your boyfriend, brother, father etc.

UPDATE: Callaghan does not deliver to North America as of December 2017. What a pity!


These “Sotil” fashion-line sneakers by Munich X are from its Fall-Winter 2014 collection. A bit late to feature them and they are not more innovative than other Munich X sneakers, but they seduced me with the super-cool “techno-style” purple-blue iridescent material.

Finally, take a look at these sneakers by a Barcelona-based company called MURO.EXE. In its own words, the company is dedicated to “creating functional hybrids for the 21st century.” The team of creators includes “industrial designers, visual and graphic designers, bio-mechanical experts, conceptual and fashion designers, material investigators, photographers, and tech geniuses.”

The sneakers are unisex and come in two collections: Atom and Metal.

The Atom sneaker is made of monochrome lycra “inspired by the smallest unit of the material.”


The Metal sneaker is made of breathable technical mesh “inspired by metallic colors.”


The design philosophy of the sneaker is the total sum of:

Ergonomics, Comfort, High-quality materials, Optimum settings.

The diagram below explains the rationale behind each of these qualities:


The sneakers can be purchased from the MURO.EXE website. At 80 Euros, they are not exactly cheap, but it costs to be unique and technologically forward in an urban environment these days. The company delivers to the US, which makes me think that they would deliver to Canada too, even though Canada is not on the list of countries that appears as you start to navigate the page. All it takes to find out is sending them a quick e-mail, which I haven’t got around to doing yet. If you decide to browse their site, go to their About page. I was not about to reproduce it here in full, but it has pretty interesting and fun stuff in it.

In any case, all the sneakers in this post are very tempting, whether you are a convinced urbanite or simply shoe-adventurous. Wouldn’t you agree?

UPDATE: MURO EXE delivers worldwide. The ordering process is quick and painless and the delivery fast.


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