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Buying shoes online is in trend. This, of course, does not mean that physical stores are going out of fashion. Can anyone imagine life without shopping centers? Many brick-and-mortar brand stores now offer interactive digital environments, while webshops, both single and multi-brand, offer in-store pick-ups (and drop-offs, in case of return or exchange). All these things are being worked out as we speak both by the industry and by consumers. Back to shoes, however: many noteworthy international shoes and accessories brands, like the Spanish ones that this blog is about, do not yet have a significant presence in the North American retail network. So we have to look for shoes online.

Paco Gil Fall-Winter 2016-17 Collection

shoes online
Alba” patent leather flat with oversized strap and buckle by Paco Gil Fall-Winter 2016-17.
shoes online
Candela“studded velvet bootie by Paco Gil Fall-Winter 2016-17.
shoes online
The spectacular sequined “Ronda” ankle boot by Paco Gil Fall-Winter 2016-17.

In this post, the brand in focus is Paco Gil. Founded in the 80s, it’s one of these classic Spanish luxury shoe brands that like their shoes sexy and tactile, playing up the traditional connection between shoes and desire. In the beginning of this year the company went through quite a dramatic event: a generational shift. The daughters of the founder, Carla and Sara Gil, who for years worked as their father’s assistants both on the business and the design side, have officially come forward to take the reins of the family enterprise. The Fall-Winter 2016-2017 collection is, therefore,  the first one launched under their leadership.

shoes online
Carla Gil, head of design at Paco Gil. Video still courtesy Decasa Life Style TV channel, Spain.
shoes online
Sara Gil, one of the sisters at the helm of Paco Gil Shoes. Video still courtesy Decasa Life Style TV channel, Spain.

The two women have a lot on their plate. Steering the brand through the challenges of the global market is a tall order. Femininity and desire, which Paco Gil shoes embody so well, haven’t gone anywhere, but the attitudes of both women and men towards how these traits should be expressed are now in flux.  Here, expertise gathered over more than thirty years of Paco Gil’s domestic and, crucially, international success should help regain footing as a luxury shoe brand for women today. Judging by the latest collection, Sara and Carla Gil are more than holding their own. Here are a few more highlights:

shoes online
Natalia” azure patent leather wide strap pump with round button detailing. By Paco Gil Fall-Winter 2016-17.

The “Natalia” pump is the star of the collection, in my eyes. It stands out because of its exotic azure color and the beautiful finish of the patent leather. The large button detail is simple but very effective. It becomes a visual focus of the pump, helping tone down the glossiness while contrasting nicely with the slender, moderately high heel.

shoes online
Patricia” scrunch shaft suede tall boot in navy by Paco Gil Fall-Winter 2016-17.

The “Patricia” boot is both posh and practical. I love the scrunchy suede texture, the sexiness of the over-the-knee style, and the comfort of the modest heel. Add to that the distinctive elongated shape, which reminds one of the old masters, and you have a winner on your hands.

The question is: are the above shoes available to buy from North America? The answer is yes and no. The black version of the “Patricia” boot yes, the navy version no. The exotic “Natalia” pump, unfortunately, no. BUT……

Paco Gil Shoes Online

There are a few places where you can buy Paco Gil shoes online. YOOX, my affiliate partner, and most trusted online retailer, carries a small selection. Not from the current collection, of course – YOOX is a designer discount shop, meaning that it gets its fashion items late in the season or post-season.

shoes online
A metallic leather sandal by Paco Gil, $87 at YOOX. To see if your size is available, click on the picture.

Of all the online retailers out there, Spartoo, a French multi-brand outfit, carries the most complete selection of Paco Gil. Crucially, it also ships to North America. Below are some of the models available, mostly, but not exclusively, from the Fall-Winter 2016-17 collection. Personally, I haven’t shopped at Spartoo yet, but hope to, in the near future. By the way, all Paco Gil shoes and boots at Spartoo are eligible for free delivery to the United States

The “Musketeer” Boot

shoes online
Richmond” leather tall boot by Paco Gil, $276.40 on Spartoo.

shoes online

This spectacular boot is from last season’s collection.

The Suede Scrunch Tall Boot

shoes online
Marie” tall suede scrunch-style boot by Paco Gil Fall-Winter 2016-17. $318.00 on Spartoo.

This boot is the black counterpart of the navy “Patricia” boot above.

The Lacquered Pump

shoes online
Amaya” mid-heel two-tone patent leather pump by Paco Gil FW16-17. $190.50 on Spartoo.

The elegantly pointed black patent leather toe and low-cut sides give this deliciously glossy pump a super-sleek silhouette. The black patent trim, as well as buckle, back, and heel create a perfect frame for the classic taupe upper. The nude leather lining is luxurious. All in all, the “Amaya” pump has the delicate quality of a Japanese lacquer box.

The Croc Effect Ankle Boot

shoes online
Cara” croc effect leather ankle boot by Paco Gil Fall-Winter 2016-17. Heel: 3.1”. $275.50 Euros at Spartoo. Free delivery to the US.

This textured leather ankle boot does not need any embellishments: the croc print effect on patent leather (plus the two zippers, one on each side) are eye-catching as it is.

The Buckled Shoe Boot

shoe online
Roca” shoe bootie with oversized buckle detailing and size zipper by Paco Gil. $178.80 on Spartoo. 4.3” heel.

The most striking feature of this low-cut shoe boot is the finely marbled effect of the leather. And the pretty buckle, of course.

So, these are the options for buying Paco Gil shoes online, both current and previous collections. It’s likely that in the future the brand’s online shop will be functioning again, as it once did. In any case, we’re wishing the new heads of the company, Sara and Carla Gil, best of luck in their new roles. Hopefully, we’ll be seeing new Paco Gil collections for years to come!
















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