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Las Bailarinas Shoes

Some time ago I found out about a company called Las Bailarinas Shoes, which, as the title suggests, specializes in making ballet flats. Ballet flats are very popular nowadays and most brands have their “ballerina” lines. Spain is especially rich in those. It’s hard to stand out in the “ballerina” world, but to me, the Elda, Alicante based Las Bailarinas Shoes definitely does.

Neosens and Art

Neosens belongs to the brand family of the Art Company

Shoe Size Conversion or Trying Spanish Shoes On For Size

Shoe size conversion from Europe to North America is a really tricky issue and an especially important one for anyone who shops online. How will we know that the shoe will fit? As a truly universal shoe size conversion chart still does not exist, we have to rely on personal experience, the retailers themselves (YOOX does tell you, for example, if a brand tends to fit small or large for the size indicated, so that you order up or down a size, accordingly) and on the blogosphere, of course.

Menorca, the Luxury Shoes Island

Menorca is a shoe-making island on par with Mallorca. Menorca is known for its luxury shoe brands. It is also the birth-place of the avarca sandal. Ferreries is also home to the high-fashion Jaime Mascaró and Úrsula Mascaró labels. Their graceful designs have walked many a red carpet. The Mascaró family of brands includes the Pretty Ballerinas label, favored by the global jet-set and entertainment personalities.  Nearby, in Alaior, Menorca, the Pons Quintana brand presents collections of shoes in gorgeous colors, renowned for their beauty, quality, and a unique leather-braiding technique.

Shoes For Carmen

SHOES FOR CARMEN was the theme of the exhibit organized


Sneakers of Hope

The outdoors life style is the essence of Spanish living – maybe that’s why there are so many great Made in Spain sneaker brands.

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