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Sheepskin Boots from Spain

Sheepskin boots stand for warmth and comfort in the winter. As far as style is concerned, the situation varies. Is it ultimately possible to have your cake and eat it too? In short, are there good-looking high-quality sheepskin boots out there? The answer is a resounding “yes”! So, where do they make good-looking and reliable sheepskin boots? If you guessed Australia, you are only partly right. Excellent sheepskin boots for both men and women are also designed and made in Spain.

Ankle Boots – Embellished or Plain?

Ankle boots are the city dweller’s best friend in the colder months, easily switching from outside to inside, from sporty wear to fancy wear. Whether the ankle boot is embellished or plain does make a difference – the embellished ones are obviously more visually exciting, but the plain ones are easier to combine with different outfits. I picked out two sets of ankle boots, designed and made in Spain: one embellished, one plain, by four great, reputable Spanish brands. Let’s take a closer look!

Perfect Holiday Pump by Hannibal Laguna

End-of-the-year parties call for a perfect holiday pump. I’ve been checking out a lot of holiday-worthy pumps lately and the suede bow-embellished creations by Hannibal Laguna, a prominent Spanish fashion designer, come closest to what I imagine a perfect holiday pump should be like. From jewel tones and velvety texture to the sensuous shape, pretty heel, and fine detailing, the “Calen” pump ticks off all the boxes.

Combat Boot Fashion by Beatriz Furest

Combat boot fashion is a throw-back to the 90s style, but it never really went away. It remains a key element of the “grunge” look. Personally, I am not addicted to “grunge” fashion, but I appreciate any style that successfully mixes up feminine and masculine energies. Case in point: these awesome combat style boots by Beatriz Furest, a Barcelona-based maker of high-end leather shoes and accessories.

Textured Leather Ankle Boots

Textured leather is very eye-catching. If done well, it adds flair to any outfit, transforming it from mundane to fashionable. Spanish shoe makers, with their amazing leather making tradition, excel at leather effects, textured leather included. Given the season, ankle boots are on everyone’s mind. They are a very versatile urban style, good for the cool fall weather. Ankle boots come in a variety of colors, but black boots are a staple in any woman’s wardrobe.

English Touch, Spanish Soul In Madrid

English touch tends to fare extremely well in Spanish fashion, often blossoming into things of remarkable beauty. The cross-channel magic was on full display in the Spring-Summer 2017 collection by Ulises Mérida, presented on September 17 at the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Madrid, which is wrapping up today.

The Great Weave of Pons Quintana

When I think of Pons Quintana I think of their woven shoes and bags. The “Great Weave” is Pons Quintana’s specialty and most spectacular design feature. Impeccable execution and brilliant use of color make the shoes (and the bags) a mesmerizing sight. Woven shoes and accessories are also a real pleasure to wear and to touch. The braided texture gives them extra pliability and airiness while maintaining its shape.

Malababa, My Caramel Leather Crush

Malababa, my caramel leather crush, is an artisan leather design workshop turned boutique luxury women shoes and accessories brand. The Madrid-based founders, Ana Carrasco and Jaime Lara, work with an expert pool of craftsmen and women to create incredibly seductive leather finishes for their pieces. I especially love Malababa’s reddish-hued leather shoes and bags.

Red Shoe Tuesday

A few words about the “Red Shoe Movement”, which I discovered through Twitter. Red Shoe Movement is an organization that helps women realize their ambitions in the corporate world. The highlight is on Hispanic women, who are widely present in the North American workforce, but the advice is pretty universal. By working with the employers to make the corporate world a better place for Latina women, the “Red Shoe Movement” is making change happen for all women. It’s a win-win situation.

The Ultimate Shoedown or Fairy Tales Do Come True

An “Ultimate Shoedown” is every girl’s fantasy. Imagine being surrounded by a group of luxury shoe designers each clutching a pair of their prettiest heels, eager for you to accept them. The stuff of dreams, right? Well, just such a party is a yearly occurrence in the Spanish shoemaking center of Elda. Every year since 1999 the Elda Shoe Museum (and store) convenes a panel of shoe industry, media and arts personalities. Their task – to choose “The Woman with the Best Shoes”.

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